The Heart of New York

Serving tens of millions of patients every year, hospitals are the heart and soul of communities all across New York state.

Hospitals are essential not only to your individual health and well-being, but to the social and economic vitality of our communities. In New York, our hospitals help tens of millions of people every year through illness, natural disasters, public health crises, and more. When New York shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and their heroic staff delivered lifesaving, around-the-clock care—and they emerged more committed than ever to their patient care mission.

Beyond providing safe, high-quality care, hospitals are major contributors to New York’s economy and are often the largest employers in their communities. By any measure, hospitals are the heart and soul of New York, providing care and compassion 24/7. New Yorkers can rest easy knowing our hospitals are there for them.


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*Data from HANYS’ 2023 Economic and Community Benefit Report.

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New York's hospitals and health systems continue to face unprecedented challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, they remain as committed as ever to improving your health and strengthening your town. Your support can help hospitals continue to provide the care your community needs and deserves.

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